Mountain Pine Beetle has been found on several FPOA member lots. If you are interested in learning more about Mountain Pine Beetle, you may find useful information to consider by going to our FAQ page and linking to the resource information provided by Colorado State University. Please note that for any Mountain Pine Beetle treatments, they are most effective if applied before July!

Canada Thistle is another obnoxious weed that is currently invading our properties here in Foxtail Pines . Last year your Board members spent considerable time trying to remove this obnoxious weed from our pond areas. Please go to our FAQ page for more information regarding what you can do to help control the spread of this obnoxious weed.

We are trying to provide our members with links to websites that provide useful information that may be of interest to property owners. Please contact us if there are any other links to organizations that should be listed here, or if you experience any problems connecting to that website.