The FPOA is comprised of 326 lots and approximately 300 owners/members. Each year at our annual meeting in August the membership will elect a Board of Directors (BOD) who subsequently appoints members to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). On this page you will find the current BOD member listing and contact information for the ARC.

Your Board of Directors (BOD):

Architectural Review Committee (ARC): The Architectural Review Committee is empowered to enforce the By-Laws and covenants for Foxtail Pines Owners Association. Specifically this committee is in place to review and approve your plans for new building and improvements to property prior to construction. If you have questions about the process of building or making improvements to your property, please contact the ARC chair, Janine Snyder, via email by clicking on her name. The Architectural Review Committee Review/Approval Form can be downloaded here! The ARC members are Janine Snyder, Spencer Thomas, and Jim Dietvorst

Billing and Accounting Questions: Please send questions to or send payments and questions to:

Foxtail Pines Owners Association
Attn: Billing
Box 516
Fairplay, CO 80440

The BOD and ARC are always looking for ways to involve the membership. If you are interested in serving on the BOD or ARC please contact us.

General questions:¬† The Association has created a “Virtual Phone Number” that you may call, however, we do prefer email.¬† If calling on the phone is preferred, please leave a message at (719) 581-7444.