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Chipping Day

27 August 2019

The Foxtail Pines Board has arranged for a crew from the Coalition for the Upper South Platte (CUSP) to bring their chipping machine to individual lots within our development on August 27 for the purpose of chipping up any slash that lot owners have gathered. A maximum of 14 scheduled lots can be accommodated on this date, allowing approximately 20 minutes per lot.

CUSP has requested that slash piles be placed as close as possible to the road near the front of your lot, not along your driveway, with the cut ends facing the road. They should be placed neatly, in a way that they can just drive the chipper up to the piles and throw them in. Please see their web site for additional information including what can and can’t be chipped.

Please note their description of how slash should be laid out for easier and more productive chipping. The slash should be laid out in a straight stack that is easy to grab and feed into the machine. A 20 minute stack may be on the order of 16 ft. long, 3 ft. to 4 ft. deep, and 3 ft high, well laid out. Although the chipper can take fairly large logs, this can significantly slow the process down; the better use is for smaller cut branches and straight slash. Badly tangled branches are very hard to work with and will slow the chipping, and may prevent their being fed into the machine. Stumps, and large knots or knuckles, are not taken.

The chips will be left widely scattered on site for use as the Owners see fit.  I will be coordinating this effort on behalf of the Owners. This will help the work proceed efficiently. We will also need to record the time you spent with your clearing work and your help during chipping: CUSP uses this information as part of their funding. There is no charge to Owners to participate in this program. Before the chipping date we will need to know how many hours you spent in this slash clearing effort, and CUSP will also record the time you spent helping with the chipping.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact Rob Martinelli at the e-mail address below. You will be listed on a first notice first basis. Please accept our apologies if we are unable to take additional requests, or if other circumstances prevent chipping your material.

Please provide


Lot number


Contact e-mail


27 August 2019