Foxtail Pines OA
1​st​ Quarter Meeting
February 1, 2020
North West Fire Fairplay Station
Meeting Minutes

Call to Order at 10:10 AM

Roll Call 
Janine Snyder
Catherine Green
Ehren Penix
Julie McCallum
Andrew Newton
Quorum was established

Janine Snyder called for any changes or additions to the agenda.  The following changes and additions were proposed:

Change: Vacant Board Positions to Election of Offices

Additions: 2020 Budget under Financials
Status of Alpine Bank account

Board voted to approve the revised agenda – unanimous vote in favor.

Julie motioned to elect Board Positions today – unanimous vote in favor.  (This was part of the revised agenda vote)

4​th​ Quarter minutes approval – Julie motioned, Catherine 2​nd​, unanimous vote in favor.


Treasurer’s Report/Finance/Budget 

Loan of $29,000.00 for water rights, building of dam, storage, interest on loan and payback of reserves

Ehren mentions possibility of paying off loan in full.

Receivables of approximately $4800.00 this is down from prior years.

Checking account  – TBK at a 0 balance, still needs to be closed by Janine and Rob, pending information on the safe deposit box.

Alpine Bank Keith Emerson, Rob Martinelli and Janine Snyder​ were signers until 1/1/20, all Board​ members will fill out form and go to Alpine for signature cards before 4/18/20.

Board voted to have the insurance payment check with Janine as the single signer, until all other Board members are on the account at Alpine. Therefore, our insurance will not be cancelled due to nonpayment, this bill is due 2/25/20. Julie motions, Ehren 2​nd​, unanimous vote in favor for this insurance payment only.

Statement – DJ, our accountant prints all checks except for trash and slash day, then sends them to us for signatures.

One outstanding NSF check is out from a homeowner for dues, Alpine bank is tracking it.
Board voted to have a set due date on our dues notice letter to have it due 30 days after invoice date, after which time it is considered delinquent and interest will accrue per the

Bylaws.  DJ will be directed that the statements are to go out on January 2​nd​ of each year no later.  Catherine motions 2​nd​ by Ehren unanimous vote in favor.

Discussion regarding approval of 2020 budget. Review of prior meeting minutes showed that the Board voted to table final approval of budget at the 3rd Quarter meeting on July 20, 2019. Following, the 2020 Budget was approved at the Annual meeting on August 3rd, 2019. The board determined that this later action was effective to approve the 2020 budget despite the previous tabling.

Architectural Review 

Janine sent Jerry Eno an approval for his build in July of 2019 and again on 12/10/2019.

Discussion on whether it is a conflict of interest for Janine Snyder to be on​ the

Architectural Review Committee since she is a county building inspector.  Ehren indicated that it was not. Further discussion on past structures that do not comply with our covenants and our legal exposure.  Because the committee has not been in existence consistently since the subdivision was platted we can only move forward at this point.

Julie requested to have the Architectural Review Committee appointments after the election of officers in the agenda.  This was approved unanimously.


Catherine volunteered to follow up with Brandon to get our documents caught up and posted to site.
Lower Sacramento Reservoir Company
Keith Emerson will continue to manage the water.


Weed control 

Last year bar ditches and pond area were remediated by goats and spray, this was very effective.

This year we have $5000.00 in budget, Janine will call Teller County Conservation to schedule spraying of open space in September of 2020. We will authorize up to 20 hours and then reevaluate for 2021. The goal is to get on a 3 year cycle because the spray is effective for 3 years.

Trail Marking Project 

Statement – Kyle Sanderson is the one to ask for any trail information.

At this point, Janine Snyder requested that we rearrange the agenda order to elect for vacant seat and Board positions, as Andrew Newton had to leave for work.

Vacant Board Positions 

Julie nominates Andrew Newton to the Board, Catherine 2​nd​ unanimous vote.

Julie nominates Ehren as Board President, Catherine 2​nd​ unanimous vote.

Catherine nominates Janine as Vice President, Ehren 2​nd​ unanimous vote.

Ehren nominates Julie to remain as Secretary, Catherine 2​nd​ unanimous vote.

Julie nominates Catherine to remain as Treasurer, Ehren 2​nd​ unanimous vote.

Julie nominates Andrew as Member at Large, Janine 2​nd​ unanimous vote.

Architectural Review Board 

Board voted for the architectural board to consist of Andrew Newton, Janine Snyder and

Julie McCallum, Catherine motions, Julie 2​nd​, unanimous vote in favor.  (From Above)

Statement – Discussion of bank signatures, all officers will be signers on the account at

Alpine Bank not members at large.

Andrew Newton left the meeting.


Slash and Trash Day

Julie and Catherine will organize date to be July 18,2020 for 9AM to 4PM in 2 shifts.

CUSP – Catherine will oversee again this year and Julie will assist, June and August dates TBD.


All Board officers will visit Alpine Bank in Breckenridge to fill out signature cards before 4/18/20.

Rob Martinelli and Keith Emerson need to be removed from the Alpine Bank signature cards as they are no longer on the Board.


Maintenance at recreation area

Greg Turpin has been emailed by Janine to fix the gate and send us a bill.

Covenant Enforcement


Subdivision Road Improvement Ballot Update

Ehren will draft a ballot and send to entire Board to review, DJ will mail merge it once we have approved it, Julie will assist in mailing out to save $.

Meeting dates for 2020 
4/18/20 – Board Meeting at Fire Station
7/11/20 – Board Meeting at Fire Station
10/10/20 – Board meeting at Fire Station
8/1/20 – Annual Meeting at Pond.

12:19 PM