Foxtail Pines OA
Minutes of Annual Owners Meeting
August 4, 2018 – 10am to Noon
Foxtail Pines Pond Recreation Area

Call to Order/Established a Quorum (96 Lots, including 30 proxies) at 10:12 AM

Presentation by Division of Wildlife was added as an item to the meeting agenda.

Motion to Approve Minutes from the 2017 Annual Business Meeting was made by Lot 186, seconded by Lot 87. Approved unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report/Financial: Allyn Mosher announced that he is retiring, and his colleague at Overlode, Donald Jones, will be taking over responsibility for Foxtail Pines account.  Both June O’Connor (lot 324) and Rob Martinelli (lot 314) commended Allyn for his years of service to the Owners Association. The unpaid dues are at $4,666.19. The Owners Association has over $105,000 in the bank.  Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report by Lot 148; seconded by Lot 270.  Approved unanimously.

Proposed 2019 Budget: The proposed budget for 2019 was posted on the website, and copies were also available at the meeting.  It was noted that we are again planning for a deficit in 2019, mostly due to cost of weed mitigation actions which we were not able to implement fully in 2018.  In response to a question from an Owner (Lot 75), the Board confirmed that grass carp were introduced into the pond as planned.  No change in annual dues would be needed to support this proposed budget.  Motion to approve proposed budget was made by Lot 270; seconded by Lot 186.  Approved unanimously.

Architectural Review:   The Architectural Review Committee (J. Snyder, J. Davis and R. Martinelli) have approved several building applications so far this year.  Many new buildings are metal buildings, which are allowed by Association covenants.  One Owner asked about slash pile on a nearby lot, which has not been removed.  Board agreed to send out a letter to new Owners to make them aware of slash removal program.  It was mentioned that the South Park Construction Guide was a good reference for Owners needing help collecting slash on their property.  In response to questions regarding fire updates, Owners were referred to websites “wildfiretoday” and “inciweb”

Website: Folsom Creative has been hired as our new webmaster.  Several improvements have since been made to the site. They are now in the process of fixing links. The new e-mail address is

Lower Sacramento Creek Reservoir Company:

Nothing new to report; next meeting will be later in August. John Davis will be attending the annual meeting on behalf of Foxtail Pines.  We will be checking on priority of Owners versus mining company that is currently leasing water.   Also, one Owner asked whether leasees are paying a fair portion for repair to the reservoir.

Old Business

Weed Control Committee Mitigation Plan: Due to fire ban, we were not able to implement the controlled burn in the spring as originally planned. We were able to find a local goat herder (4H student), who has begun to work in the area around the pond.  We have contacted Arkansas Valley Sprayers to apply Milestone herbicide in late September / early October.  The pond area will be closed during the period that Milestone is being applied.  Jude O’Connor advised that Milestone is now being used for weed mitigation in Jefferson, Summit, Larimer, and Boulder Counties.  In response to questions from Owners, the Board responded that individual Owners have responsibility to address weeds on their lots, and Park County has responsibility to address weeds in ditches (Right-of-Way).

Slash/Trash Day at Transfer Station: reported that this program was conducted on July 21.  72 Loads of slash and/or trash were collected.  A motion was made by Lot 270 to repeat the Slash/Trash Day at the Transfer Station in 2019.  Motion seconded by Lot 231, and approved.

Update and Next Date for On-site Chipping CUSP:

John Davis reported that the on-site chipping program, conducted by CUSP on July 7, resulted in slash being chipped on site at 12 lots. Another chipping day is scheduled for August 11; Rob Martinelli will be coordinating that program.  Owners were encouraged to sign up for the August 11 date after the Annual meeting. More information on this program was available at the meeting and on the website.  Motion was made by Lot 75 to repeat the On-Site Chipping 2 times in 2019.  Motion seconded by Lot 233, and approved.

Update Trail Markings Project:  Kyle Sandersen reported that finishing touches to trail marking project were completed on August 4.  Owner from Lot 200 requested that location of trails be added to website; Board to follow up. There was a discussion about installing culverts at different points along the trails. Board would like to defer this until a decision has been made on the road improvement project.

Update Owner Survey options:  The Board has entered into a contract with Constant Contact to allow communication with Owners electronically.  Owners were encouraged to confirm that the Board has their current e-mail address so that they will receive electronic communications.

Well Reporting to State Engineer’s Office:   John Davis advised that we are up to date on required reporting to the State of Colorado.  Our Association is currently nowhere near our allowed capacity.  Owners were advised to check whether their individual well permits are in order; specifically whether the names of current Owners are on well permit.  The change of name may have occurred if ownership of property was transferred, but hasn’t happened in all cases.

New Business

Presentation by Division of Wildlife: Tyler Stoltzfus from the Colorado Department of Wildlife gave a presentation on measures that Owners should take to discourage bears, mountain lions and coyotes from encroaching on our properties. Summary as follows:

  • Garbage should be locked up indoors, and should not be placed outside until the morning of collection.
  • Bird feeders should not be put out during the summer; hummingbird feeders are OK during the day, but should be taken inside every evening.
  • Barbeque grills should be completely burned off; no grease left outside.
  • Pets should not be fed outside.
  • Obviously, don’t feed any bears, deer, elk or other wildlife.

Tyler noted that mountain lions show up when there are deer in the area, so we should scare off any deer that we see.  Local coyotes are accustomed to people; Owners can “take care of them” if they are on their property, since The Division of Wildlife does not have resources  to eliminate the problem.

Owners are asked to take care of their pets; don’t leave outside at night.  One Owner complained about “incessantly barking dogs.”  If Owners cannot resolve these types of problems with their neighbors, they can contact Animal Control of the Sherriff’s Office.  However, response time will depend on other priorities.

Pond Stocking and Health Analysis: The pond was stocked with trout in May, and again in July.  Based on previous recommendation from Dept. of Wildlife, we also added 5 grass carp in May to address the build-up of grass in the pond bed. Owners are reminded not to remove carp from the pond.

Maintenance at Recreation Area:  Repair and repainting of toilets nearly finished.  We need to repair gate; considering changing the access code in the fall to prevent non-owners from entering.

A motion was made by Lot 140 to remove the gate, seconded by Lot 270.  After some discussion, a vote was taken by written ballot.  The motion was defeated by a vote of 32 in favor to 49 opposed.

Covenant Enforcement:   Two formal complaints were received and forwarded to Park County for action.  Unfortunately, we were advised by County that no action would be taken until January.

Subdivision Road Conditions:  Since the vote to proceed with this project at our Annual Meeting in 2017, the Board has hired legal counsel and worked out a proposed agreement with Park County to chip and seal the main roads within Foxtail Pines subdivision.  A special Informational Meeting will be held on September 8 to allow Owners to ask questions of representatives from Park County and our legal counsel (Hartshorn, LLC).   More details about the September 8 Meeting will be mailed out to all Owners by August 8.

After the September 8 meeting, ballots will be mailed out to all Owners, asking whether to accept the proposed contract.  If this proposal is approved by a majority of the Owners, then Park County Board would still need to approve the project before proceeding.

Election of Officers: The terms of Janine Snyder, John Davis, and Keith Emerson expire at the end of 2018.  The following Owners were nominated to serve for a 3-year term, beginning in January 2019: John Davis, Keith Emerson, Ehrin Penix, and Janine Snyder. Since Keith Emerson recently joined the Board to fill a vacant position, he was given time to state his qualifications.  In addition, since Ehrin Penix has not previously served on the Board, he also was given time to state his qualifications.

The Board Secretary, Rob Martinelli, then circulated a ballot among the Owners present, with instructions for each Owner to cast votes for three of the four candidates. Those owning multiple lots were allowed to cast three votes per lot.  After the results were tallied, the candidates receiving the most votes (in alphabetical order) were: John Davis, Keith Emerson, and Janine Snyder.  These members will continue to serve on the Board for a term of three years, beginning on January 1, 2019.

Adjournment: A motion to adjourn was made and seconded.  The meeting was adjourned by voice vote at 12:35PM.