Foxtail Pines OA

Special Meeting – Road Improvement Project

Sept. 8, 2018 – 10am

Park County Community Center (Quonset Hut)

Board members present:

Janine Snyder                          President

John Davis                               Vice President

Rob Martinelli                         Secretary

Keith Emerson                        Member At-Large

Others present:

Darrell Evig, Park County Road & Bridge Director

Ed Hartshorn – Hartshorn, LLC

Ehren Penix – Hartshorn, LLC

In addition, a large number of Owners attended this meeting.  We did not take attendance of Owners, since the purpose of this meeting was to provide information and promote discussion regarding the proposed road improvement project in Foxtail Pines. It was confirmed that no votes would be taken during this meeting.

Prior to this meeting, a meeting notice was mailed to all Owners, along with an estimated cost for the project.  During the meeting, copies of an updated estimate were distributed, which reflects the corrected length of Foxtail Drive to be included in the chip and seal project.  With the reduction in length of Foxtail Drive, the proposed estimated cost was reduced from $520,969 to $380,750.  It was noted that these costs do not yet include costs for quality control and legal counsel.

Summary of presentation below:

Janine Snyder stated that the Board will not agree to the standard LID agreement, which would require the Owners Association to maintain the roads after improvement.  The FPOA Board will not agree to maintain roads.  After this meeting, the Board will be mailing ballots to all Owners, requesting a Yes or No vote on the proposal.  If a majority of Owners (representing 163 Lots out of 325 Lots) agree to the proposal, the next step in the process would be to obtain approval of the County Manager and Board of County Commissioners.  With the reduced estimate of $380,750, the cost per lot would be $1,174.  Once Quality Control and Legal costs are added, the cost per lot may be up to $1,400.  With a special assessment to pay for this project, payment by Owners would likely be spread over 2 years, beginning in January 2019.  If this approach works for Foxtail Pines, it would be a new approach for Park County, but similar to arrangements used elsewhere in Colorado.

Darrell Evig advised the proposed chip and seal is not as durable as paved or concrete roadway, but was much more economical.  It is critical to get a good base in order to get good results with chip and seal method. Darryl advised that they would plan to apply the chip and seal in two ¾” thick lifts; possibly to be followed by a ½” thick overlay in 5 years.   He stressed that Quality Control is very important, along with good aggregate and oil.  He is not sure yet whether this project would be contracted out.

Summary of Questions from Owners and Answers from D. Evig below:

Q: What is Park County Work Plan?

A: Planning for 2019 in progress; currently collecting data on traffic and road conditions.

Q: What causes wash boarding?

A: Lack of binder in material, vehicle speed, loose material on top, moisture in material.

Q: Would road height be adjusted at driveways?

A: Yes; apron grading would be provided at end of driveway to provide transition.

Q: What about section of Coil Rd. that is not within Foxtail Pines?

A: Could try to get other owners to pay a portion, or delete this section from project.

Q: Who did recent improvement in Indian Mountain?  One owner commented that this was a big improvement.

Q: Road & Bridge did that work.

Q: Will every road in Foxtail Pines get maintained annually?

A: Yes; whether project is approved or not. However, approval of project may increase maintenance priority.

Q: What is expected duration of proposed project?

A: Two to four years; depends on how much of the work is contracted out.  In the meantime, Road & Bridge is planning to continue grading existing roads. More maintenance is planned in 2019.

Summary of Miscellaneous Questions from Owners and Answers from Others below:

Q: Is material for project still being donated?

A: (by Janine Snyder) Yes.  One of our Owners has arranged with local mining company to donate material.  The donated material is already factored into the estimate of $380,570.

Q: Will road improvement impact tax assessment of our properties?

A: (by Milena Kassel from Assessors Office).  Road improvement is not directly factored into tax assessment property valuation.  However, if market values of property later increases because of road improvement, this will be reflected in future assessments.  One Owner had been advised by a real estate agent to expect a 5-10% increase in property value for having a paved road serve a property.

Q: When will ballots be mailed out?

A: (by Janine Snyder) Expect to mail out ballots at the end of September.

Q: What if some Owners do not pay special assessment?

A: (by Janine Snyder and Ed Hartshorn) The Association would still be contractually bound to pay the County.  A lien could be put on individual lots if Owners don’t pay the assessment; however, it may be difficult to collect this money until property is transferred.  In the meantime, we could use a portion of Association reserves and/or take out a loan to pay the County. The cost of the loan would be paid by the Association.

Q: Should we consider mag chloride option if this proposal (for chip and seal) is not approved?

A: (by Janine Snyder) That is a possibility if the Owners direct the Board to do so.  It was noted that this option was presented at our Annual Meeting in 2017, but the members in attendance voted to proceed with chip and seal option at that time.  The mag chloride option would be lower initial cost, but is not considered as durable as the chip and seal method.

Q: Could this project be paid for by County property tax increase instead of by Special Assessment by Association?

A: (by Ed Hartshorn) This is an option, if the County would be willing to approve this approach.  This tax payment may be able to extend over several years. There are precedents in Colorado for funding projects by special tax assessment. It may be worthwhile to pursue this approach if the Association approves this project.

The Board thanked all attendees for their participation.  We plan to mail out ballots near the end of September to all Owners.  Owners have 30 days to respond to the ballot.  If no response is received from a specific lot, that lot will be counted as a NO vote.