Update: 07/02/2018

We are wrapping up the Outlot Trail Marking Project by placing access point signs for the eastern half of Outlot H (from the dam going EAST). Outlot H (east half) is the last outlot which requires signage. We need just a few people to allow this to happen rather quickly…. less than 2 hours. Kyle will have all the supplies and some maps (plats). If anyone has an additional t-post driver, that would allow us to split up and cut the required time in half. Also, 7/16” wrench would hasten sign installation. If we have time, it would be nice to locate and place trail markers down the middle of the outlot as we have done previously. Bring work gloves and water

Update: 10/19/2017


I would like to acknowledge several owner volunteers that who helped establish trailheads and mark outlot center lines for the first phase of the Foxtail Pines Outlot Trail Initiative.  We marked as many trail locations as we had steel fence posts.

Owner Volunteers:

Mike Gillings
John Samuelson
Trent Green
Catherine Green

Our accomplishments:

Outlot A (between Bluestem Way and forest boundary, adjacent to Thompson Park Road): Sign marking trailhead (east end) and trail markers leading to the trail just inside the forest service boundary. Centerline marked with blue trail markers.

Outlot B (between Bluestem Way and Foxtail Drive): Create trailhead on Bluestem Way (west end); Mark / clear trail through trees from Bluestem Way to centerline of outlot. Mark centerline of outlot with blue trail markers; Erect sign marking trailhead on Foxtail Drive (east end).

Outlot E (between Bluestem Way and forest boundary; south end): Sign marking trailhead for established trail (east end) into Thompson Park. Erect sign at forest boundary (west end) asking non-owner forest users to respect private land and stay on the trail.

Outlot F (between Bluestem Way and Foxtail Drive): Sign marking trailhead for established trail (west end) of outlot.  Sign marking new trailhead (east end) of outlot.  Centerline marked with blue trail markers.

Outlot G (from Foxtail Drive to intersection of Wild Rye Rd and Squirrel Ct): Sign marking trail head on Foxtail Dr (west end); Mark centerline with blue trail markers; Establish trailhead on Wild Rye Rd at intersection of Squirrel Ct (east end); Mark / clear trail through trees from Wild Rye Ct to centerline of outlot.


  1. Since we ran out of steel fence posts with blue paint, a few more will be erected on Outlots E and F as more fence posts become available.
  2. The most challenging – Outlot B – required the help of several owners with lots adjacent to the outlot who readily helped our crew locate boundaries and corner posts.
  3. In most places, no trails exist.  We hope as walkers, hikers, bike riders, horse riders, skiers and snowshoers follow the trail markers, trails will emerge with use.
  4. Users should be able to use the outlots by following the blue marked fence posts. The blue trail markers should be visible in two to three feet of snow.
  5. If issues arise regarding trail marker locations, the markers may be easily moved.
  6. The use of trailhead culverts has been put on hold pending the resolution of the road rebuilding initiative.

Anecdote: I already had an owner / hiker walking by my house comment (positively) on the new trail head signs.

A follow up volunteer trail marking event will be scheduled to address the remaining outlot trails:

Outlot C
Outlot D
Outlot I (challenging)
Outlot H (very challenging)

The signposts were purchased but the trail markers were donated steel fence posts.  If anyone has excess steel fence posts, we could paint them and use them as trail markers.

Thanks to the Owner / Volunteers that helped.


Kyle Sandersen, Owner / Volunteer

CC:Mike Gillings, John Samuelson, Trent and Catherine Green

Update: 09/07/2017

The outlot trail marking has started.  On Saturday, September 2nd, Kyle Sandersen, Mike Gillings, John Samuelsen, along with Trent and Catherine Green began marking trails with signs and tell-tale blue stakes.

There are eight outlots within the Foxtail Pines subdivision.  These outlots are available for your hiking exploits.  Be aware that many of the outlots border the property lines of several homeowners, so please stay as close to the blue stakes to respect those land owners.

Five of the eight lots have been marked so far.  Only 4 lots remain, and if you are interested in assisting on this last part of the project, please contact Kyle Sandersen.